Sicilian Food is heavily influenced by the spices of the Mediterranean and Arabic countries surrounding it.

You can see it in their love of couscous, and the spiciness of their local dishes.

It is said that even Maccherroni, was brought to Italy from the Arabs.

So I brought a little of that spicy influence to the Sicilian “Ceci” salad we are putting on the menu today.

Coriander, smokey paprika, chilis and a hint of cinnamon give the harissa dressing for this salad a uniquely spicy flavor.

It’ll warm you up!


Spicy Ceci Salad

ceci salad

The Pasta today:

Bucatini, al’Amatriciana

Tomato Cresti Di Gallo,  with sweet corn pesto

Pappardelle, with Ragu bolognese.