The longest day of year, so you’ve got time.

Sip your espresso slowly today, take the time to appreciate it’s depth.

Stop at the newsstand and read an interesting article in it’s entirety,

then place the magazine back on the shelf and savor the 5 minutes you’ve just stolen.

Sharpen all the knives in your knife roll, or any other tools at your disposal, and place them neatly back away, pristine and at the ready-

for another day when you dont have 15 hours, 59 minutes and 19 seconds of daylight to burn.

And enjoy some Gnocchetti”, tiny yukon potato dumpling, tossed with sweet corn, fresh sage and cream.

Gnocchetti, Corn + SageAlso today:

Rigatoni, alla bolognese

Spaghetini, with “Aglo Stracotto”  slow cooked garlic sauce and bread crumbs.