Here’s your etymology lesson for today:

Genus Morchella is derived from morchel, an old German word for mushroom,

while morel itself is derived from the Latin maurus meaning brown.

There you go, you are now armed with another snibbit of useless dinner party knowledge.

But more importantly, we are armed with morels!


They just came in from the forager this morning.

Thats right, no middle man!

It’s practically like you buying directly from the farmer, the farmer being the forrest that is!

-you got to feel pretty good about that!

Gigli, with morel and sherry cream sauce!

Gigli W: Morels

(Well, I guess I’m the middle man, as far as you lunch goes? -but we’ll forget that little detail)

Also today:

Rigatoni, alla bolognese

Spaghettini, with basil-parsley pesto