Join us at Il Corvo this Thursday for The Pioneer Square Art-Walk!

However, we dont condone “walking”

-We prefer riding!


One of my other loves in life, (also vaguely Italian-related ) is Bicycles!

Everything about them puts a smile on my face,

 from being hipster fashion accessories,

to total utilitarian car alternatives,

casual riders, crazy-space-age-carbon-fiber-windtunnel-tested performance machines alike,

and everything in-between,

A bicycle is a work of art, and anyone who knows me, knows my love of craftsmen and hand built machines!


So it is an obvious choice to showcase a few craftsmen this Thursday for Pioneers Square Art Walk.

Come drink cheap (affordable) Champagne, snack on snacks, and admire beautiful hand-built bicycles

By Hampsten Cycles and 333FAB 

this Thursday, 5-9pm!