As I wrung myself out,

soaked to bone,

and the filthy, blackened water pooled under my bicycle tires, defiling our hallway floor,

 I tried tin vain to shake off the icy ache of my 20 mile ride in the rain.


That was my first thought,

The thought “HOT SHOWER” may of only arrived a few milliseconds after, but seem to win out the priority, if only by a fraction.

When I awoke this morning, my bike and gear still damp from last night, the sky still grey, the puddles still forming outside

I decided we all could use some soup today.

Pasta e Fagioli!

Conchiglini, with garbanzo beans, sofrito, chicken broth and tomato!

Conchiglini e fagioli

That should help shake off the chill

Also today:

Tagliatelle, alla bolognese

Cresti Di Gallo, with pesto and english peas