Seriously, the doctor says your PIDL (pasta intake diversity levels), are scoring pretty low this week.

Recent studies, by self proclaimed scientists all across this room,

have been able to directly link happiness to quantity and diversity of your weekly pasta intake.

Facts are facts, I’m doing this for your own good.

I’ve painstakingly combined a weeks worth of pasta shapes into one

glorious baked pasta extravaganza!

 Seven shapes,

Lasagnette, Rigatoni, Bucatini, Gigli, Conchiglie, Casarecce and cavatelli

Pasti Misti

all baked together, with layers of meat sauce, diced prosciutto, béchamel, asparagus and peas!

Baked Misti

It’ll be a tough pill to swallow, but I assure you, I only have your happiness’ best intrest in mind

Also today:

Black and White Cappellini, alla Siciliana

Tagliatelle, alla bolognese

Sedani, with pesto and fresh mozzarella