I had an idea for a suspense-thriller-type-move today:


It was about someone who woke up on a monday morning

in a nearly paralyzing state of grogginess,

and no matter what he did,

neither his body nor mind could respond to mundanities of waking up and getting ready for …………

(cue the creepy b-movie horn stabs)


-yet his work day kept creeping towards him,  lurching,

threatening him with every tick of the clock,

growing stronger with every drop of spilled coffee,

tormenting him as he paced back and forth, trying in vain to collect his personal effects and prepare to face………


-there would be a struggle,

a hair-raising 6 block downhill bike ride down James St in the rain,

and many incoherent and unintelligible mumblings..

……It would probably have some cheesy happy ending, where he finally had a third cup of coffee,

meets the drain repar guy at the restaurant in the nick of time,

gets the girl,

and whips up some pasta special with an appropriate amount of pickled-pepper ZING!

-to ward off any further demons.

Spaghettini Nero, with Pickled Pepara Peppers, Boquerones, olive oil and bread crumbs.

Capellini Nero

Also today:

Rigatoni Gigante, with spicy italian sausage ragu

Pasta misti, with castelvetrano olives, celery, lemon and garlic.