Somehow, things have gotten confused on the Nation Weather Map-

Clearly, some black-suited-number-crunching-high-security-clearance-weather-controlling member of the Illuminati

must of mis-keyed a few digits when he was punching in the numbers for the temperatures today.

Resulting in Seattle being the warmest city on the west coast today!

acttemp_600x405We will let it slide just this once…..

And in the meantime, we will pretend we are sitting the veranda of our Sicilian bungalow…

Ditalini, with spicy octopus sauce!


Enjoy this with a crisp glass of Gavi, and drink in the misstakes of the weather-puppeteers!

Also today:

Beet Spaghetti, with Agli Stracotto sauce

Tagliatelle, alla bolognese