It’s almost* eggplant parmesan! 

but instead of pan frying the eggplant-

we made a delicious, chunky eggplant-tomato-asparagus sauce,

and instead of coating it in crispy bread crumbs-

we layered it with sheets of our fresh pasta,

and instead of topping it with provolone or fontina-

we made a nice rich ricotta-béchamel and layered it in between all the

even numbered sheets of pasta

But, we still baked it?

So it’s basically Eggplant Parmesan, right?

(*may not resemble eggplant parmesan at all)

Lasange di Melanzane


 Also today!

Pasta Misti, alla bolognese

Fusilli, with basil-parsley pesto

Spacghettini, alla siciliana (anchovy, chili, garlic and tomato conserva)