In a culinary world of overstimulation,

with new ideas, flavors and cooking techniques bombarding you from every direction and media source,

and a perpetual list of new restaurants to try,  that adds two every time you check one off your list,

not to mention a new diet craze, or FDA study, health concern,

or moral dilema that directs you eating habits…

Sometimes you just need good ol’ comfort food…

No wondering what the chef was thinking when he conceptualized the dish,

No misinterpretation of the artistic vision or comical wordplay in the menu discription,

No wondering exactly how to, and in wich order, to approach the artistic display of colours and shapes on your plate,

No lengthy description from the waiter, of the preparations and cooking techniques envolved,

complete with a list of four different farms, foragers and artisanal wood-tool carvers

that were all necessary to put this creation on the table before you.

Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese  


Quite simply: Meat, Pasta, Cheese, …Good

(you can just trust me that it comes from a good source, if it’ll put your conscience to rest)

Also today:

Mafalda, in basil-parsley pesto

Ditali, with fresh asparagus, garlic and tomato