Once you plunge the fresh spaghetti into the water, you’ve got 2 1/2 minutes to complete this sauce,

Start with fresh, quality black pepper, (not the stuff thats been kicking around in you cupboard for the past year)

Grind a teaspoon into the bottom of a dry sauté pan, and gently toast it for one minute.

Splash a touch of pasta water into it, to stop it from cooking and soften the kernels,

Set the pan aside, away from the heat.

Just as the pasta finishes, put a few tablespoons of your best olive oil into the still warm pan,

(Like this gold medal awarded Desert Miracle, from Morocco) 

toss the pasta in the black pepper and oil,

once it is well coated, toss in a palm-full of your favorite hard cheese, (Pecorino or Parmigiana are preferred)

toss again, and artistically twirl on to your plate.

Step back, and marvel at your roman classic

Spaghettini con Cacio e Pepe


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