“Out of this nettle we grasp this flower”

-William Shakespeare, Hotspur

Anyone who has ventured outdoors in the PNW, in early spring, has had a run-in or two with our local “Stinging Nettles”


-They are nearly as prolific and despised as our wild blackberries.

Both, can seem to consume any plot of land in one season left unattended,

confronting either one can be quite foreboding,

yet both yield their “fruits”

The Stinging Nettle, once boiled looses it’s army of stinging needles,

and presents itself as an culinary herb with a flavor that spinach only dreams of becoming.

Cooked down with a little garlic and cream, it coats the rigatoni perfectly!

IMG_1657Also today:

Tagliatelle, with pork ragu

Maccheroni, with anchovies, mama lil’s  peppers, capers and pomodoro.