Not since the days of the hand-cranked-torchio, has Spaghetti looked so good!

-just look at all that sauce catching texture!


And speaking of texture, and shape,  the Lumache is perfectly designed for chunky sauces like this

Spicy Broccoli Romanesco with Capers,chili,  and Salsa Pomodoro


Parring pasta with sauce is all about creating the perfect bite,

matching up the size/texture of pasta with the right chunkiness/sauciness of the condimento.

As I often explain to budding cooks,

You must imagine the physical act of eating the pasta,

pushing around the sauce, stabbing, twirling and chewing, and then ask yourself

“is this the right noodle for the sauce?”,

…or, more appropriately,

“Is this the right sauce for the noodle?”


the pasta IS the star of the show, after all.

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