Yes, I save those bits! 

(you can hear me say that often in my kitchen) 

NOTHING gets thrown away without my approval.

All the tiny bits of broken pasta get carefully dried, and stored away.

All the Parmesan rinds, once all the cheese has been grated away,

-get tightly wrapped and tucked away in the fridge

All the prosciutto ends that are too small to slice and all the fatty pieces of skin that get trimmed away,

-get vacuum sealed and lay patiently waiting in the freezer.


The prosciutto ends and parmesan rinds simmer overnight, along with mire poix, herbs and aromatics

 becoming something greater than the sum of their parts……

A rich, golden elixir that temps the nostrils with the essence of parmesan and prosciutto. 

IMG_1591 Then the “Pastiné” (or broken pasta) gets simmered in the brodo


The result is a heavenly dish almost like a risotto made of pasta, bursting with the flavors of Parma!

IMG_1594Get in my belly!

And we have a beautiful Pistacchio Terrine today, served with and Apple Mostarda.

IMG_1592Also Today:

Spaghettini, Alla Carbonara

Lumache, with Basil Cream.