Let’s be honest, after yesterday’s Giant Bowl, or “Super-size Bowl”  (or whatever?)

of honey-glazed-5-star-thai-curry-chicken-wings with coconut-ranch-siracha-dipping sauce,

and nori-wrapped blue-cheese-jalapeño bombs you all devoured…   

 -a nice bowl of whole grains and vegetables is sounding pretty good, isn’t it?

So I whipped up a little Farro-Pasta dough today:


And tossed our patented “gout-b-gone (tm) pesto, made with Tuscan lactinato kale, basil, parsley and fresh garlic and parmesan!


Also today:

Maccheroni, alla “Norma” (spicy eggplant, Mama Lil’s and pomadoro)

Rigatoni, with Ragu Bolognese