Have you met my friend Charles?

He’s a good friend to have in kitchen….

I often find my self exclaiming “Oh Charles, you’ve really outdone yourself this time!”

There seems to be no limit to what he can accomplish!

He’s perfect for homemade burgers, chili, meatballs, ragu ..and, with a skilled knife, he’s even good for a nice steak on the BBQ!

I KNOW must of met him, He hangs out at the market ALL the time.


he typically goes by “Chuck” around the butcher shops.

Today he’s been slow braised in copious amounts of black pepper and red wine,

And tossed with our house made Rigatoni, for a little

Rigatoni with “Ragu Peposo”


Also today:

Ditalini, in Ribollita

Fusillini (tiny fusilli) in basil-parsley pesto