Shake off the cold with Il Corvo’s “Version” of Ribollita.


I say “version” because Italians and Italiophiles are staunch traditionalists,

-any slight variation from a tradition recipe seems to bring down the hammer of tartly worded blog comments and emails.

But isn’t this the land of the free?

Are not we free form the tyranny of traditional cuisine? —though we always are inspired by it’s foundations.

Housemade Ditalini, instead of the Tuscan standard of cannellini beans in this soup, is no slap in the face to the traditional dish,

but more an interpretation to the “soul” of Ribolita, which means re-boiled in Italian, and is typically made from the previous night’s left overs.

Either way, traditional or not, this soup will warm you all the way to your bones.

-or you can try our very modern “Deconstructed”, “Scavenger-Hunt” version of the soup today,

you buy our beautiful Ditalini, and hunt around the market for your own ingredients and cook it at home…

“a very modern take on the classic”  -some guy in a magazine


“a very modern take on the classic”

 -some guy in a magazine

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