It’s hard to believe It’s only been 8 days since I closed the doors at the other location,

-I feel like I’ve already been working on the new space for at least a month..

…..and Its coming along nicely,

IMG_1451Today, amidst the parking nightmares of a Seahawks game, hundreds of marriage ceremonies and usual downtown holiday festivities,

   I invited a few friends over for a lunch and  “painting party”

in other words, I cook lunch and they paint!


-So I pulled another old friend down from the shelf.

IMG_1438I rolled out some pasta the good ol’ fashion way ,

lined a terrine mold, and filled it with ground lamb, pork sausage and beef.

-Layering it with boiled eggs, salami and gouda cheese…

IMG_1440meanwhile, they did all the dirty work…

IMG_1441and made me realize, I dont have the patience it takes for painting…

IMG_1442so I’ll just stick to what I know..

IMG_1446out of the oven came nice package,

just in time for the holidays!

IMG_1448Polpettone!  -with some nice greens, potatoes and wine to balance it all out.

IMG_1447..and so begins the warming of the space,

crossing things off the lists,

fixing things, breaking things,

and adding two more items to the list each day….