Look Summer,

I know we broke up a couple of weeks ago, but I made you a mixed tape anyway,

But then, I thought to myself,

Ppppffft..we’re NEVER, …never, never, EVER getting back together….

So in my defeatist filled rage, I yanked all the tape out….

yea…….I put ALL your favorite bands on it,

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Mama Lil’s pickled goat horn peppers),

Phish (sicilian anchovies),

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, (the garlic song)

Simon And Garfunkel, (just the parsley part)

And a Loving Spoonful  (of bread crumbs)

Maybe if you would of stuck around,

we could of enjoyed this together.


Squid Ink Tagliarini! 

Also today:

Cavatelli, With mushrooms,fresh thyme and a parmesan-beef stock reduction

Maccheroni, With cauliflower, nicoise olives, capers and tomato sauce