At 6:30 this morning, on my walk to work, is was dark, blustery, and wet.

 -but for some reason, it felt comforting.

Fall rain, as opposed to late spring/early summer rain, occupy two totally separate emotions for me, (as well as, I suspect, most Seattleites)  

Something about the arrival of fall is comforting.  The idea of cozy nights with rain streaming down the windows, the feeling of the holidays season approaching (earlier every year) and a season of nature’s much needed slumber, after the exhausting bounty of summer, all fill me with a kind of underlying giddiness.

Not to mention,  it is officially and inarguably….


Layers and layers alternating with rich bechamel,  fresh pasta, braised beef and sausage ragu, and tangy salsa pomadori. repeat. repeat. repeat.

It’s a ritual I will never grow tired of..

Also today,

Pappardelle, with a spicy cauliflower, eggplant, and caper sauce

Yukon Gold Gnocchi, with basil and parsley pesto