One puts himself at risk when trying out “flavored” oils.

The disappointment can be devastating.

But glancing at the label of this “Etruria” Organic Orange Oil from Umbria, I was pleasantly surprised.

Ingredients: Olives, Fresh Oranges

I was surprised because it actually tastes the way you’d expect!

-just like the peel of an orange, a sweet citrusy fragrance and with just a touch of bitterness.

It’s just the kind of flavor I typically prefer to grace the tops of my Manhattans, -rather than cherries.

But more important to you…

It also holds up quite well,

when accompanied by Fresh Sage, Butter and Tagliatelle!

Hmmmm, might have to work on a fall cocktail with orange peel AND fresh a sage leaf, later tonight.

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Spaghettini, alla “Siciliana”

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