Some pasta noodles seem quite feminine,

delicate, precise and often lacy  -like that little princess “Mafalda”

If there is feminine and masculine noodles,

Pappardelle is a strait up brute.

He’s cut from a seemingly medieval tool, that appears to be a formidable defense weapon.  

(I carry it in my back pocket, when I’m out walking at night)

Ol’ Pappy can push and shove his way around just about any sauce.


Pappardelle, with Salsa Salumi

that is…    until he get’s in a tangle with the jaws and teeth of a ravenous Il Corvo patron.

Also today:

Spaghettini, with garlic, olive oil and Mama lil’s pickled goat-horn peppers

Cavatelli, Sunburst tomatoes, butter and fresh oregano