Squash and sage are a classic holiday feast combination, –

typically found at the family table as squash ravioli filling tossed with sage butter.

-but, I wanted to try another application for the fall flavor sensation…..

We made pasta dough out of rasted Butternut Squash, 

….and laminated sage leaves “in between the sheets” … We made some nice little “Tovaglioli” or dinner napkins

-with a little pinch in the center….

……..almost as if you just set it down, mid-meal, to excuse yourself

and slip down the hallway, take a few nips from the grappa in your flask,

and return to whatever holiday family function you are being forced to attend.

…….And if it wasn’t for the

Tovaglioli di Zucca, in Hazelnut Cream

-you probably would of never shown up at all!

also today:

Zanne Di Elefante, in beef and pork sugo

Spaghettini, with toasted almond and herb pesto