Dont get me wrong, I love Mark Bittman’s food philosophies,

…and his writing, …..and I’l probably go out and buy his forthcoming book:

“Vegan Before 6:00”  (-just for the read of course, one must know thy enemy, right?)

I find the idea actually very Italian, very “Cucina Povera” and very Tuscan in nature,

-a culture that often times could only afford to eat meat as a special occasion.

But I just wanted to remind you:

It’s always after 6pm SOMEWHERE!

as a matter of fact, it’s after 6pm in Italy RIGHT NOW!

Sagarnelli, with Beef Sugo

-and we didn’t go to all this trouble for nuttin’

Also today:

Tagliatelle, with sungold tomatoes, and basil-mint pesto

Maccheroni misti, with spicy black olive and caper tomato sauce!