September is my favorite month in Seattle,

It means the highschoolers go back to class, the cruise ships are gone,

and I can actually walk through the Pike Place Market without forcing myself past oblivious people.

It’s typically full of sunny afternoons, cloudy mornings

and the smell of fall in the air.


It also means nice, ripe tomatoes, finally.

-the final punctuation, in the last sentence, in the chapter of summer.

Not that this bothers me in the least,

I find Summer weather to be full of the peaks and vallies of hopeful anticipation and absolute disappointment.

But Fall, seems to only ever impress me.

So here’s to tomatoes, as we transition into my favorite season for food.

Fettuccine, with Heirloom Tomatoes, Butter and Sage!

Also today:

Lasagnette, with Lamb Ragu

Sedani, with mushrooms, thyme and cream.