In shop class, as a child, I’m sure we all had to construct the required, shabbily made, bird house, ..or stamp dispenser, ..or napkin holder, …or whatever other item that secretly wishes to become firewood in the near future.

But, it was intended as a loving gift for our parents,

-that no doubt was destin for the back corner of the garage or the dusty forgotten attic, as it final resting place.

If adult me, could direct the child’s arts-and-crafts projects of yester-year,

The children of America would of all made their parents these:

Parmesan Graters. 

It’s a perfect example of a tool designed to do one job, and do it perfectly.

It has all the earmarks of a perfect shop class project, a little drawer, a hinged lid, rounded corners

…..a large spiked drum for removing unwanted fingers.

Rustic, yet elegant in it’s simplicity.

Cheese in the top, turn the crank, and out comes grated parmesan,

As light as a Christmas morning’s snow.

…Wouldn’t you rather have that?


But I suppose you could still use it as a birdhouse….

…if you hated birds.

Todays menu:

Tonnarelli, Cacio e Pepe!

Malloreddus, with rainbow chard and sausage

Fregola, with spicy saffron-seafood brodo and calimari