Imagine if you will: 

A white linnen tablecloth gently flapping in the fall breeze,

The eastern Washington sun swinging a low arc in the sky -still warming the fertile soil beneath your feet,

The sight and smell of grape vines, as far as the eye can see, -embracing all your senses


Then imagine:

8 chefs, preparing a feast you won’t soon forget,

Whole beasts, roasting on open coals, accompanied by nature’s entire palate of fall colours and flavors.



-just go ahead and soak the whole damn thing in Kestrel Sangiovese, and sop it up with a seemingly endless array of

pastries and “Dolci”



Saunter your sexy-bad-self, well dined and imbibed, to the shuttle, waiting patiently whisk you safely back to your hotel,

t-o bask in your luxurious lifestyle!


If any or all of that sounds remotely appealing,

-you should probably click this link!

“Big Night at Kestrel Winery with Armandino Batali!”