Here is a little NON-Pasta related weekend fun…


Get yourself a rabbit, butcher it down, and toss it in a pot with some aromatics, and leave overnight at just under a simmer….

The next morning, remove the rabbit parts, strain the stock, and pour over the pieces to allow the meat to cool in the liquid,

adding a few fire-roasted figs, and a couple gluggs of fine Madera…..

Once the rabbit and stock are completely cool, strain off the stock, carefully pick the meat from the bones and begin reducing the stock and softening 20 sheets of gelatine.

get your mise in order

-be sure to test your final gelee, it should end up somewhere between jello-shots and superball stiffness.

Once you have achieved bounce, pack the figs and rabbit into your terrine and pour the gelee over the top, and let rest in the fridge overnight.

Sunday Brunch:

Slice, and enjoy

-maybe with some shaved radishes, a nice crusty slice of bread and a class of rosé