For dear Julia’s 100th birthday, 

We decided to dig up one of her spaghetti recipes, Spaghetti “Marco Polo”.

She debuted this recipe on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, in November of 1980, so chances are high that I saw it.

I’d love to say that I remember seeing it, and it inspired me to learn to cook and subconsciously to pursue pasta.

-but lets face it, I was 6.

 I was way too busy learning how to count cards in Atlantic City, smoking cigars and hot-wiring corvettes to pay attention to cooking.


Our version of this child-hood classic-

Toasted Walnuts, Green Olives, Roasted Red Peppers, Parmesan,Parsley, and a hint of anchovy  -I think Julia would approve!

myow, myow myow Prince Friday!

Also today:

Linguine, with Wild Mushrooms and Mascarpone

Ravioli alla “Natale” , filled with Breadcrumbs, Duck Egg Yolks, Pancetta and Parmesan-tossed with salsa pomadori