Saturday was our dinner out at Dog Mountain farm, something I’ve been looking forward to for months!

We started working on the first course two weeks ago !

That’s when Jonhannes and I received our first whole pig for the event, and immediately set to butchering, salting, smoking and brining –

tying, pressing, trimming and stuffing….

-to produce the charcuterie plate, comprised of Mortadella, Rosemary Ham, Maple Cured and Smoked Pork Loin, Pancetta Cotto (un-smoked Italian bacon)

and the surprise favorite, Head Cheese, with Sour Cherry Gelee





We arrived early saturday morning to start de-boning the second pig for the porchetta!

got him all boned out


and into the Caja China, for a 5 hour “nap”

We had plenty of time to grill up a little snack of Dot’s Delicatessen’s Meguez, for staff lunch.

the guests arrive, to dine in the orchard…

first course:  pork liver, mascarpone and whipped yukon potato filled “tovaglioli” (dinner napkin shaped ravioli) –topped with Black Truffle and mountain herbs

(just about to hit the water here)

A salad course, inspired by the beautiful produce that the farm had available ….including Fresh Chevre and Bacon!

and finally, pigs, pigs, and more pig!.


feast and fun had by all!

-after that, we were too busy enjoying ourselves to remember to take more pictures!


but to the cackling flock that was alway lurking in the bushes,

I say:

“Comes Christmas, YOU’RE NEXT! “

Thank you Cindy and David! I hope we did justice to your beautiful spotted pigs!

-and thank you to all the volunteers!