Alright Spaetzle,

here’s your chance to prove to the world that you too, are pasta.

(a funny little, mis-shaped, Bavarian pasta. -but tasty one, none-the-less) 

Lets see? Flour, eggs, milk….kinda like pasta?

But this kneading, or rather “hand whipping” technique,

and the forcing you through tiny wholes into boiling water?

-thats not very Pasta-like at all?

 next, lets discuss your, um…”presentation”

-cause you kinda look like shiny Rice Crispies right now?

Look Spaetzle, you’ve got one final shot to prove to my pasta lovers that you are indeed


Let’s try and pull this dish together with a classic preparation.

House-made pancetta, snap peas and mint……

POW! -now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

-alright, I guess you are pasta after all.

Also today,

Cavatelli Pasta Salad, with spinach-walnut pesto, sweet corn and cherry tomatoes

Spaghettini, alla Siciliana