Keeping an eye out for the Pope……
Sure, I know “Meatless” Mondays are kinda of the hip trend right now,

But, typically, forward thinking individuals like myself, swim against the grain.

-We break out of the molds. We pioneer new ideas, and then, just when the new ideas get popular,

-we denounce them! -as if we never thought they were cool in the first place, and shout the battle cry of hipsters across the globe:

I was into that BEFORE it was cool!

(actually, …we were making mortadella today anyway for the upcoming Dog Mountain Farm Dinner,  and stuffed these beauties for lunch today!) 

Cappello Del Preti

tossed with snap-peas and mint!

It looks like a meeting at the Vatican, -probably to discuss the importance of Mortadella. 

Also today:

Maccheroni, with Spicy Fennel Sausage Ragu

Tagliatelle, with Eggplant, Nicoise Olives, Oregano and Tomato