As some may know, I grew up in New Mexico, and subsequently am a chili lover.

 Now, there’s two types of chili loving: Loving the heat, and loving the flavor, neither of which are mutually exclusive.

But I tend to lean toward the flavor side, I find excessive heat to take away from the smokey, sometimes fruity, sometimes nutty, sometimes citrusy notes in good peppers.

These Controne Chilis are a perfect ingredient, air dried next to burning wood and delicately hand ground (as to not tun into dust)

-they have a heat that slowly builds, then plateaus at a level that still allows you to appreciate the smokey fruity flavor of the pepper itself.

Your mouth will not be numb after two bites, but you definitely know your eating chili.

Combined with a bit of “Aglo Stracotto” and Sicilian tomato conserva, it makes for a nice bowl of pasta

that I’d like to curl up with and spend some quality time with right about now.

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