Ah, the Senatore Cappelli, I though about waxing on, poetically about the origin of this beautiful flour, …..but then I thought,

“wait, I’m just going to re-type what is right here on the package, right?”

 – so do me a favor and just go ahead and click on it, -saves me the trouble of spelling errors.

What the package doesn’t say, is that the texture is sublime, with a chew and toothiness unparalleled by other flours.

-I’ve been waiting months for this shipment to arrive from Italy!

-but the true test of a pasta flour is the spaghetti you make from it.

and specifically, the spaghetti from our man powered Torchio, with it’s cast bronze dies.

I know what you’re thinking, “Sure Mike, you’ve only proven it looks good… where’s our bowl?”

..Right here, served simply to truly appreciate the ancient grains…

“Spaghetti alla Pomadori e Basilico” 

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Lasagnette, with Ragu Biancho

Cavatelli, with fresh garbanzo beans, sweet corn and marjoram.