One of the best parts of my day, is grazing for my breakfast at the produce stand.

At 7:00am, the Pike Place Market is just coming alive.  As the vendors roll back the steel doors to display their wares,- there’s me, and I’m hungry.

By that point in the morning, 1 cup of coffee at home, and 1 double espresso at the shop, are all I’ve had for breakfast.

So, while tourists timidly ask for assistance, and are afraid to venture past the outermost produce displays,

I walk right in to the center, and start tasting.

First stop, all four varieties of cherry tomatoes (still too early for good heirlooms), next maybe an apricot, pull a few leaves off of some herbs, a wax bean or two, finally I notice some local peas, I stop and shuck one, then another, and another, all the while dreaming up the menu for today’s pastas.

People assume I work there, and ask questions, I just grin and say, “oh no, I dont work here, I’m just having breakfast”

I grab one sticky brown-sugary date for the road,

and head down to the shop with 6 pounds of fresh sweet peas for the menu today.

(if it’s a shucking contest, you win)

-a nice sweet pea and tarragon pesto seems the be just the ticket to fully appreciate these beauties.

-not to mention the word for tarragon in Italian is one of my favorites


-it just sounds like some type of medieval syrum for knights and warriors, right?

like lemon-cello, but made from a dragons tongues or something?  

-anyway, mind wandering…..

chase this green dragon today for lunch!

Spaghetti Chitarra with Sweet Pea and Tarragon Pesto

Also today,

Garganelle, with Braised Lamb Ragu.

Cavatelli Biancho,  with Pecorino “Crotonese” and Beechers’ whey reduction