Pasta e Fagioli,  or “noodles and beans” to you,

is a very common dish in Tuscany  (those bean-eaters) and often, ravioli gets filled with a white bean puree.

But when working with big beautiful Corona Beans, I thought to myself, why mess with perfection?

Corona beans, (or “Gigantes” if in spain), have an amazing consistency.

When cooked properly, they manage to hold their shape AND be incredibly creamy on the inside!

So I says to myself: “Self, why not just leave them whole?”

“Fine, you’re the boss.” I indignantly replied,  – he always has to be right.

Then we stuffed them into plump little ravioli,

and tossed them with a light Pomadoro e Burro, with just a hint of spice.

Also today:

Tajarin, with salsa verde

Farfalle, with sunburst tomatoes, mint and green and yellow wax beans.