Here’s a look at what the Burning Beast weekend was like…..

Friday Night:  Making camp and constructing my outdoor kitchen with the available materials, which consisted of some cinder blocks and a few pieces of ree-bar.

-Keep it simple.

A few  fresh sardines I salt cured on thursday made for a nice smokey snack, and a sure-fire way to meet a few of the other chefs and get on the good side of the volunteers. Some fantastic craftsmen built this beautiful beast for the event, -it will be consumed by flames before the night is through!Saturday Morning:  Got up early to start the fire, and put the goat on about 10:30 am

Spent most of the day basting the goat with the drippings from some flaming-salt-and-rosemary-cured pork fat!

 (and staying hydrated with beers, vinho verde, and crazy gin concoctions, thanks to Bathtub Gin Co.)

And then, around 3:00, somewhere between 500 and 700 people casually stroll in for some grub. 

After 6 hours of roasting, the goat gets dressed with a bit of Salsa Verde….

We put our contribution up, Roasted Goat over Chickpea “farinatta” with Salsa Verde

Everyone ate, drank and made merry, and the beast got burned!

Sunday (and Monday), clean-up, battle devastating hang-over  and take twelve showers to wash the smoke off!


on todays’ menu:

Capellini, with dill and mint pesto

Maccheroni. with gigante beans, rosemary, tomato -chicken brodo

Fettuccine, with a zucchini and oregano ragu