Dearest love Seattle,

I think it would be best for our relationship, if I took a little break.

 I’m not going to give you that ol’ “It’s not you its me” talk.  You’d see right through it, ….

I just need my space for a few days….an d…

We’ve been together long enough,… I’m going to speak frankly.

Your addiction to rain is driving a wedge between our hearts, I mean, …just look at yourself:

I’m going to give you a peace-offering before I go….

A warm, comforting Lasagna Bolognese with Roasted Garlic Bechamel, for todays menu:

(it’ll look very much like this one)

And after that, I’m going to go hang out with this high-school-ex-girlfriend of mine, for about a week.

Her Name is California, you may of seen her around. …No, it’s nothing serious, we’re still JUST FRIENDS,

-but I do enjoy her company quite a bit.   You know,….she “gets” me.

Look, when I get back, on the 11th of July, I want to put this little “bump in the road” behind us and work things out.

I’m hoping you will have had time to think about our relationship,

and will have straightened out this little “rain problem” you’ve had lately

C’mon,…It has been the most rainfall in June, ever recorded….

Also on todays menu:

Fettuccine, with Puttanesca Sauce


Cavatelli, with CALIFORNIA summer squash, and fresh oregano


If you didn’t get the hint.


re-opening on the 11th of July

I may miss you, -but I wouldn’t count on it.