I tend to shy away from ingredients that I feel get overused and over-hyped.

When people look back in history at this day and age,

they will probably refer to it as:

“The Great Bacon and Cupcake Craze of the 2010’s”

As much as I like both those things, together they repel me like a bad odor,

I’m sure it tastes great, but it’s more about the principle:

Cupcakes (although Im not a huge fan) can be great on their own, without salted pork fat

and bacon is NOT a condiment, the more you use it, the less I want it.

Why guild the lily?


I love Aceto Balsamico Di Modena.

I have alway been afraid that Balsamic Vinegar would also fall victim to this “child star” complex, so, I have always been very careful how and where I use it. But sometimes, my fear of misuse, leads me to unintentionally avoid some thing completely.

In the 14 months Il Corvo has been open, Balsamic Vinegar hasn’t appeared on the menu EVEN ONCE?!!??

Why not? Whats my problem?

Maybe I’ve been afraid that if I do have it around, those people” will see it, and demand to ruin the amazing olive oil we serve with out bread?  They’ll want tiny decanters of it on the table, right alongside the shaker of imitation parmesan and brownish-orange-faded-year-old chili flakes

-then they’ll dip the salami in it! The Outrage! 

(just take a few deep breaths, count to dieci)

-But then again, Balsamic IS technically a condiment,


“Capellini e Aceto Balsamico”

IS a totally acceptable dish to eat in the warm weather .

Also today:

Gnocchi: with sweet corn garlic scapes, sage and cream

Malloreddi: with braised pork sugo