******Be advised, I am going to choke you with “cuteness” right about now!

Yes, I’m aware that “baby goats” are called “kids”

– but if I said “Kids!, Kids!”,

I’t wouldn’t quite have the same emotional response.

(matter of fact, some of you might just shut off your computer upon reading the word “kids” )

See, you can hardly stand the sight of them!


After an Amazing weekend in eastern Wa, and a visit to our friends fromagerie, Montiellet Farms, the least I can do is  share some of our bounty with you!

Well, I’ll share SOME of the bounty with you,…

This smoked Sheep and Goats milk cheese, was one of the stand-outs from our trip!

It’s smokey, salty and dry crumbly-ness, accented by the tang of the milk- is a welcome addition to any salad, taco, burger…you name it-

-but we decided to present it in its purest form, with just a bit of black pepper and olive oil.

Cacio del Capra e Pepe!

also today:

Cavatelli, del Pescatore (saffron tomato broth and salted cod)

Pappardelle, with fresh morels, thyme and cream