Hi All! I’m Darlin Gray. For today and tomorrow, you can just call me the lucky girl pinch-hitting on the blog.

It’s a tough job, really…wander down to the Market on the first full day of Summer and chat with the delightful Mike while he makes his ever-changing and always amazing array of pastas for the day.

In honor of the appearance of the sun, I think you should all know that the
PATIO IS OPEN today. Come on down and enjoy the weather with a nice plate of…

Capellini alla Pangrattato with Fiore Sardo Pecorino
These skinny little strands could use some fattening up! Which Mike does nicely with roasted garlic oil, a generous dusting of toasted breadcrumbs and a smoky, sheep’s milk cheese. YUM!


Cavatelli with Sungold Tomato Marjoram Sauce — dusted with Parmigiano Reggiano
Aren’t they gorgeous? All those charming little ridges were just MADE for holding on to sauce…and cheese…and…where was I? Right! Pasta. You should have some.


Fideos y Mariscos (Translation: Pasta, Spanish-style!)
Close your eyes and breathe deeply…can you smell it? Short, crispy little pasta simmered oh so gently in a rich, earthy tomato broth, infused with saffron and clam juice and topped with clams and calamari.