il corvo pasta seattleHello to all the pasta-worshiping residents of Seattle. Jameson Fink here again, pinch-hitting on the Il Corvo blog for one more day. Mike has encouraged me to shamelessly self-promote my own blog, so please indulge me and I promise there will be all forms of deliciousness forthcoming.

I write a wine blog and I like to keep it fun, informal, and informative. I really dig drinking wine out of little rocks glasses here at Il Corvo. It embodies the spirit of wine I enjoy. So check out Jameson Fink: Wine Without Worry and you’ll make me one happy guy.

Now, back to the pasta. Hey, did you look out the window today? It’s gorgeous! Are there any clouds in the sky? Barely. If you’re wondering where they all went, I have a theory. I believe that Mike has pulled them from the sky, mixed them with some potato, flour, and egg, and made these:

il corvo pasta seattle

Gnocchi. Oh yes. These pillowy clouds would float away, leisurely ascending towards the sky, if Mike did not top them with a simple marjoram brown butter to keep them earthbound and on your plate. And if that brown butter wasn’t enough, the gnocchi will have some Fiore Sardo on it. What’s that? A raw sheep’s milk cheese that’s rubbed with olive oil and sheep fat (!), Fiore Sardo acquires a “campfire smoke” flavor as it ages in the cave.

Or perhaps you are looking for something in noodle form that you can twirl around your fork a bit? No worries. How about some bigoli? It’s fat, whole wheat spaghetti (see photo below), served with a duck ragu. Mike got some ducks from Meredith at La Medusa, broke them down, and made a stock with the duck bones and Parmesan rinds. It’s seasoned with juniper berry, cinnamon, coriander, and black pepper. Along with some ground duck meat, it’s been reducing on the stove and will be meeting this bigoli soon. It is destiny. It is my destiny to eat it.

BigoliThere’s also some tagliarini, too, with a traditional basil and pine nut pesto. Your mission is to get down here for lunch and luxuriate on the patio, in the sun, and enjoy some wine and pasta. If you brought a lunch today, save it for dinner. If you have other plans, cancel them. If you have a boss, tell him or her that you are taking a afternoon leave of absence that will include wine-drinking.

Big thanks to Mike and his wonderful staff for having me take over the blog for the last two days. It’s been a blast and if I was a fan of Il Corvo before I am now a fanatic. A lot of love and hard work goes into everything I’ve eaten.

Now excuse me while I get acquainted with this Bigoli with Duck Ragu and enjoy a chilled glass of red wine:

Duck Ragu and Red Wine