Mike at Il Corvo Getting CornyGreetings, lunch-hungry Seattle. It’s Jameson Fink, guest blogging for the next two days while Mike madly preps three dishes for your afternoon enjoyment. How hard does this guy work? I just leisurely strolled in the door at 9:15am and Mike’s already showing me a slick new technique to remove corn from the cob. Amazingly, he still has all ten fingers.

So what will come of all this fresh corn? How about Cavatelli with Sweet Corn and Sage? It will totally smash your Juneuary blues with summery goodness.

But maybe you need a little more sizzle on the plate? Only heat will beat this frigid malaise? Try some Capellini a la Siciliana. Salt-cured anchovies, garlic, crushed red peper, and tomato paste. As Mike says it’s:

  • Simple
  • Spicy
  • Powerful!

But what about those duck eggs from Dog Mountain Farm? Haven’t forgot about them. They are going into an Il Corvo Fettuccine favorite: Duck Egg Carbonara with House-Made Pancetta.

(We interrupt this blog post for a Lillet Rosé break.)

Il Corvo seattle

Holy Anchovies, will you look at this? Topped with toasty, crispy bread crumbs. Yes, it’s 10am and I’m having pasta with anchovies. AND LOVING IT!

Capellini With Anchovies

How powerful is this pasta? No jacket, no sweater, no Juneuary inside Il Corvo. It’s t-shirts and summer in here FOREVER!

Me, at Il Corvo