Local crayfish, or “crawdads” as I grew up calling them, are one of my favorite seasonal markers,

-It means Winter is long gone and our dismal “Junuary” is coming to a close.

I prefer to celebrate by leaving death and destruction in my wake!

Starting with you, Mr. C.

No no, you wont scream, it wont hurt a bit, it will be quick and painless, absolutely humane, and end, …..


One quick chop of the guillotine,  and then you’ll transported to the pan to release all the liquor and splendor you conceal within you.

Sure the first few, with their tiny eyes peering up at you, weighs heavily on my tender soul,

– but after a hundred or so, you get the hang of it.

-and presto!

Fettuccine with crawfish sauce!

Also today:

Malloreddi, with house made chorizo, eggplant and tomato

Capellini, alla “Cacio e Pepe”, with roasted garlic oil