It seems eveyone has Mad Men fever these days,

and the fashion of the 60’s is popping up in every window display.

It’s even crept into our stylish pasta today.

-If you showed up to a cocktail party in a flirtatiously short, A-frame dress made of this fabric,

you’d be turning some heads!

Each one of those stripes starts out as a pretty little purple basil leaf

And then gets squished between two sheets of dough

and steched

And finally hand shaped into our

“Foglie Del Carciofo”

or, Artichoke Leaves


-But really, that 60’s stuff is old hat, (and has never really left) as usual,

WE were doing that back before it was cool. (insert self congratulatory snicker)

Here’s a little band shwag, Circa 1994

It features yours truly, and some sharply dressed lads, who were all about 60’s fashion, and the music

Not to mention our Italian scooters!

Don’t believe me? -you can see it for yourself here: UV Trasmission

As for today’s  “Foglie Del Carciofo”

You can find those tossed with sun-gold tomatoes, cream and Tuscan kale.

As well as:

Sedani: with braised short-rib ragu

Capellini, with a sauce of roasted garlic, chili and bread crumbs