Every year, I anticipate the arrival of the garlic scapes,

Their crunchy texture and subtile garlic flavor,

mixed with a sort of, “fresh asparagusy green-ness”

and some underlying flavor that reminds me of roasted New Mexico green chiles,

is always worth the wait.


But still, every year I complain about how,

when they were still all “indie rock” and farmers would give a chef a 40 gallon trash-bag full of them for $10, blah, blah

-and now that the’ve totally blown up, blah blah, and EVERYONE knows who they are

-sothey’re like $5 a bunch. (Nearly as much as peak asparagus)

-PPPffttt. oh well… 

Face it.

 Each year I’ll  wait, drooling with anticipation

Each year I’ll pay, grumbling all the while

Each year I’ll enjoy them until the supply has run out.

Besides, somebody, who isn’t me, has to get up early, harvest, wash and put those little red rubber bands on them,

-long before I even think about waking up, and strolling to the market to buy them.

Thats worth the price of admission alone, –even if I did like their first album better. 


Béchamel Filled Ravioli with Fresh Garlic Scapes! 

Also today:

Capellini, with Calamari, garlic parsley and lemon

Cavatelli, with green beans, sunburst tomatoes and mint.