Back in my studies abroad, whilst researching the very origin of deliciousness,

I found this dusty ancient cookbook from 1499 A.D.

On the inside of the book was an embossed seal that read:

To, L. Da Vinci,

Happy birthday! 

Keep it real.

-Bartolomeo Platina

Tucked in the back pages, I found this diagram. It lay amidst some doodles of men with canvas and wood wings, something resembling a corkscrew helicopter and some topless goddesses “um,…wrestling?”

 At first it was hard to decipher,  but once I made sense of the structure,

it was a gastronomical epiphany.

Lasagna Pasticcio!

After close examination, I decoded the cryptic plans.

The layers are as follows:

A. layers of salsa pomadori

B. A layer of handmade cavatelli swimming in a rich fresh ricotta bechamel

C. A layer of maccheroni, in a picy italian sausage ragu

D. A layer of thin slices of eggplant

and finally, the source of its structural integrity,

E. layers of fresh pasta coated alternately in either bechamel, of salsa pomadori, depending on the layer preceding it.

Whoever drew this…

was clearly of an artistic and culinary tallent well beyond praise!

 Myself awestricken,

-we did our best to recreate it for todays menu…

-It’s in the oven right now!


Also today:

Ricotta Gnocchi, with fresh basil and salsa pomadori

Tagliarini, with kale and basil pesto