Here at the Il Corvo Ravioli Factory(tm)

we produce your “Fine Handmade Ravioli” at the break-neck speed of about 50 grammes a minute,

Thats about 3 minutes per serving,

Try it at home, it’s fun for the whole family!

 -start by fabricating 2, 30 inch by 84 inch layers of pasta

-then whip up a gallon and a half of rich parmesan-béchamel, spread evenly

-layer another bed-linen size sheet of pasta over the top,

then bring out your trusty Italian Ravioli pin, and do the squishy part,

And like magic, there you go, 3 hours after you cracked the first egg for your dough, you’ve got 15 pounds of ravioli.

-I expect this will be your new sunday project, now that I’ve given you ALL the secrets!

Until you perfect your technique, you can always come by and just enjoy these,

tossed with some rainbow chard and kale!

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