Dear Weather,

We’ve had enough sunny days in a row, fragrant aromas of blossoming flowers, and glasses of Orvietto on the beach while shucking oysters, that you are going to have to try even harder to dampen my mood.

You are going to have to throw more than just ONE cloudy day my way, to make ME shake off MY spring fever.

This fever has taken root, infected my bloodstream, crept and burrowed itself deep into the Dopamine receptors in my brain.

And this,

Tagliarini with Fresh Fava-Pistachio Pesto

-only supports my claims:

Pesto, is springtime in a bowl, fresh and light, tangy and alive with flavor.  It’s something that is more than acceptable to be enjoyed, outside while wearing sunglasses.

Which I am still going to wear today, just to spite you, Weather, even though you’ve hidden the sun.


Although, in the event that there are more than TWO cloudy days in a row, and I have pull my slicker out from the closet, accompanied by my trusty bumpershoot- my fever will most certainly break.

In anticipation of that, and for those of you with a less resilient case of spring fever,

I also made Portabella Mushroom and Artichoke Lasagna today


Maccheroni, with Braised Lamb Sugo