Stracchino is a delicately soft, silky smooth, young cheese from northern Italy.

Someone brilliant once notice that the milk from their cows,

tired, (or, “stracca”)  from the march down the slopes of the Alps, was richer in fat and had a higher acidity to it,

-perfect for cheese that can be eaten quite young

Someone else, thought to themselves,

“Damn! I needs ta eat dis!!!,,…but how?” -says they,

“I’mmon hafta put dis ina tasty lil’ package!” -he mumbles, unintelligibly, with cheeks-a-bulging

So  I , um, They did.

Sealed-up in lil’ Popes’ Hats should do the trick…..

And tossed with “Straight-Up Springiness”

Sunburst tomatoes and local asparagus!


Also today:

Fettuccine, alla “Carrettiera” -cart driver’s style, lots of toasted garlic, lots of chili!

Tagliarini, with white clam sauce!